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Perspective Commentary

Our Perspectives Commentary is published quarterly and provided to our clients. If you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of our most recent piece, please fill out the information below.

Dysfunction junction

We grew up watching Petticoat Junction – one of a number of 1960s era TV shows set in rural areas (Green Acres being another) that were tinged with nostalgia for simple country living and came with dollops of homespun humor.  They attempted comic relief, and contrasted with an increasingly complex and urbanized America.  From our vantage point in Lebanon, New Hampshire – a stone’s throw from White River Junction, – you might think we enjoy similar respite from the crazy pressures of today’s politically driven markets.  Alas, we are all too connected, electronically and otherwise; but we do try to maintain a perspective that is somewhat distanced from market noise.  And there is plenty of noise at the moment.  Separating the enduring from the passing noise, and taking action accordingly, is part of our work.

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