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Firm Overview

Clients: Individuals and Institutions

Our philosophy toward clients is straightforward: client interests always come first. Our registered investment advisor status reflects this commitment. With a singular focus on investment management, we’ve chosen to operate on a fee-only structure without an in-house broker/dealer and partner with Charles Schwab as the custodian of client assets. These careful choices remove many of the conflicts of interest inherent in other financial organizations, and free us to focus on “going the extra mile” for our clients.

With a limited number of clients, all investors enjoy direct access to the portfolio management team—irrespective of investor size. Both individuals and institutions are accorded the same level of professional, client service, and portfolio care.

Sustainable Growth Through the Prism of Value

Investment Style

We seek sustainable growth through the prism of value. We look to own companies that will grow over a sustained period, and we aim to buy them when their valuation is attractive to us. We believe in:

  • A long-term global perspective
  • Insightful, in-depth research
  • Value as a performance driver
  • The importance of independent thinking

Investment Process

Security analysis and industry expertise comprise the bedrock upon which we have built our investment process. Through a combination of art and science, we use quantitative methods to inform our judgment, and qualitative work to find trends and spotlight change.

Our Bedrock is Security Analysis and Industry Expertise

Portfolio Construction

We seek superior long-term, after-tax returns while mitigating risk, and based on one’s liquidity, income needs, other assets, and risk tolerance, we structure an investment portfolio that:

  • Is diversified across high quality companies that we believe will deliver a good absolute return over a period of three to five years
  • Includes investments in international stocks, commodities, or other assets as appropriate
  • Is complemented by investment-grade fixed income instruments that are laddered to minimize risk

Growing Your Assets Without Compromising Your Values

Socially Responsible Investing

We have many clients who ask us to screen the investments we make in accord with their moral, ethical or socially responsible preferences. We work closely with them to understand their beliefs and develop a portfolio that is well-diversified without conflicting with their desire to make their portfolio as constructive to society as possible.

We have extensive experience in screening companies, including the careful review of conglomerates (both domestic and international) that might have a small subsidiary in an area that the client would like to avoid. Each client is unique and may have different parameters that they might want to set for the screening of their portfolio.

Our goal:
Growing your assets without compromising your values.

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